The world’s most popular VEHICLE FRAMING SYSTEM is now available in Poland thanks to Polska Grafika Samochodowa (Polish Vehicle Graphics).
-TRAXX exclusive partner in Poland. It is undoubtedly a revolutionary approach to advertising on vehicles. Allow us to tell you more


... changes, changes, changes. Do you remember what has happened within the last 12 months? And within last 2 years? How many new products and services have appeared on the market? How much new information is given to us – customers – by our favourite brands? Novelties, promotions, loyalty programmes, new technologies? Nowadays, 12 months are like ‘centuries’ in terms of marketing communication, right? So why, when it comes to vehicle advertising, vehicles carry and show the graphics for 4 – 5 years? Sometimes even longer than that… Isn’t that weird? Let us predict your answer: that’s how one builds a brand.

It is true of course, but we cannot forget that our customers also change, and they need a more dynamic message that lives together with the brand and transforms, depending on what the brand wants to tell us. We know what you want to say now - that you have billboards and other media such as ATL and BTL etc. Of course, you are right again, but how about using your own vehicle fleet as a mean of professional communication? After all, it is your own and completely free advertisement surface. In contrast to other media you don’t have to rent it because it is already YOURS. Use it then in the best and the most effective way. Starting now your fleet can be a part of your marketing communication strategy. How to do it? Let’s begin …

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